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Floorplan finishes / textures


Hi there


Is there a way on plan view to show the objects surface fill. I am designing a kitchen and want to show texture of the benchtop but can't seem to figure out how. 


Image below is what I am trying to achieve


Thank you for your help


Andrii Levko

For plans you can use Image Fills and Gradient Fills as wellBy default, Archicad has two Image Fills as Attributes, but you can define your own.


If you have AC25, you can use Surface Texture but only for Section, Elevation/Interior Elevation and Viewpoints.

AC 8.1 - 25 INT/POL 5010

Hi, in AC25 you can also have surface texture fill but with fills. mija_0-1658902769862.png


Archicad 25, build 4013

Thank you Andrii. 


I have sorted out how to do the cut fills. Another question... I am now trying to make the cabinets have a transparent fill so I can have the benchtop underneath to show where the cabinets sit. Do you know how to do this? I am using CI cabinets.





As for Ci cabinets it's hard to say, I have never used the CI tool.
Maybe you should to create a new topic for CI cabinets.


But you can make a couple of cut views in View map, with high as you want using the Floor Plan Cut Plane.
To set the Cut Plane, go to Document > Floor Plan Cut Plane and then just overlay on view with the benchtop on layouts.


Please indicate which version of Archicad do you use.

AC 8.1 - 25 INT/POL 5010

Floor Plan Cut Plane

AC 8.1 - 25 INT/POL 5010


You could try making a 3D Document from plan and on your Layout sheet overlay the 2d plan on the 3D document. You can send the 3D document to the back in Display order if necessary. This way it will save you managing all the cut outs for surface appliances and it will automatically update if you change the kitchen layout.

Apple iMac macOS Monterey / AC26UKI (most recent builds)

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