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GDL batch change info

Domagoj Lukinic

Hi all!

Is there some way to batch change on multiple GDL-s at once Author/Object's subtype or even something that can batch replace text in scripts 


I am modeling 2D symbols and want to change mul2  from "mul2    A/0.08, B/009 "  to "mul2 A/GLOB_SCALE, B/GLOB_SCALE" nothing special but it would be great to batch all symbols...


Thank you in advance!



Convert to HSF (LP_XMLConverter), make your adjustments via a script or just with plain regex, convert back.

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You can do a find and replace all for script text. But you have to do each script separately.

Is there a solution without using XMLConverter? If not, can you recommend a tutorial/manual so I can check it out?

Yes I know but I am looking for solution where I can lets say click "find and replace all"

but the text is replaced in all open tabs that are GDL editor.


The GDL editor will only let you edit one script of one object at a time.


As far as I know, you need to use the LP_XMLConverter tho change the format so you can edit (find and replace) and then save back.


This link may help?


I must admit I have never mastered it.

Each time I try, I look at it and think it is too hard and I just don't understand what is written.

I just edit each object I the GDL editor.



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