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Greasshopper to Sketchup

Just caught a glimpse of a plugin (still in Beta stage) that this guy is working on that allows a Grasshopper to Sketchup bridge, REAL TIME, and allows you to develop complex generative geometry in Grasshoppper and have it update in real time in Sketchup.

The real question is whether it would be possible to have a similar bridge to ArchiCAD via the Morph tool or functionality.

I though it would be interesting particularly given the renewed impetus that GS have in creating a smoother workflow between Rhino3D/Grasshopper and ArchiCAD, particularly given the working relationship with the likes of firms like BIG who use Rhino/Grasshopper a lot in their office much like most other big name firms use it for design and conceptualization.

I would still worry about ArchiCAD's ability to handle large polycounts and complex geometry though.
Using a lot of Morphs in your project STILL tends to bring ArchiCAD to its knees in terms of performance and responsiveness.

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