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Gridlines wont stretch in length......WHY??????

trying to set up a new project with gridlines to line with other markers such as section and elevation markers but once a gridline has been drawn for some reason it is unable to be adjusted in length and cannot be stretched in any manner!? no amount of marqueeing or grabbing the end node will result in a different gridline length.

without completely deleting the gridline element and redrawing it from setout-lines which have been precalculated to line up with other markers? how un-necessary.
also when you are nearing the end of a project deleting and replacing a gridline is a damn terrible idea which would delete associated dimensions and so on and so on.. all for the sake of adjusting a marker so that it does not sit over other text or information

Also why do gridline markers have their nodes in the outer edge of the 'circle' element instead of centrally within the marker like the section and elevation markers? wouldnt it make sense to have all markers matching co-hesively??? its like budapest designed the sect elev markers and denmark designed the gridlines or something, can we pleae get graphisoft to stop thinking about adding in all these new features for v22 and actually fix the basic fundamental problems that have been around since before version 11?
Jason Clark
Architectural Designer - LBP Des2
AC23 & (Twinmotion 2019 still has better library)
AC24 & (Twinmotion 2020.2)

Dave Seabury

I had this issue once and it was either a locked layer or a setting in the gridline tool
Mine stretch easily

AC 19-24 Windows 10 64 bit, Dell Prercision 7820, Xeon Silver 2414R ( 12 Cores), 64 GB Ram, Quadro RTX 4000 8GB

thanks for your reply, it was only in one specific project i was using at home, but i dont have it with me
all my other jobs at work seem to be fine with the gridlines, so i will have another look at it soon.
but it was definietly not locked because i remember i could drag it along but it simply would not stretch it was quite strange
Jason Clark
Architectural Designer - LBP Des2
AC23 & (Twinmotion 2019 still has better library)
AC24 & (Twinmotion 2020.2)

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