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Help with loading old library files

I am trying to load the "Object Library 8.pla" file through my Library Manager tool in ArchiCAD 20, and am receiving an error message that the file is unreadable or corrupt. This is the file I downloaded from any suggestions? Am I doing something wrong? the 8.1 library file loaded fine.

Barry Kelly
A '.PLA' file is not a library that you can load but is a PLN file that contains the library saved with it at the time - an archive file.
You open it just like any other PLN file - the only problem is that version 20 can only open file back to version 10.
So you will need an earlier version or a file convertor to open and save it to version 10 which you can then open in 20.

File convertor link ...

But you may not need to do this if you say you already have the library?
Unless there is something specific in the file you need (i.e. it is a template).
The library should be the same though.

Version 20 can't read a version 8 file directly but it can load a version 8 library.
No guarantee that the library parts will work properly though as some aspects of GDL have changed over the years.


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I'm loading the library. As I mentioned, the 8.1 .pla file loaded fine, but the version 8 .pla file did not. The program said it couldn't read it because it may be corrupt. I was wondering if there was another place to download it. It's not holding up my progress or anything, I'm just trying to organize some of our legacy files.

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