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Horizontal and Vertical Ribbed Wall Panels

Eric Milberger

OK trying to narrow this down to a narrow solution

I have multiple use for horizontal and vertical ribbed, corrugated and smooth panels

The smooth is east.  Just a material though it does not include the skin thickness


A horizontal I can create in the Wall assembly

Little time consuming but the sections are even better than the Wall assembly as I end out with a metal skin on hte entire panel.  And also some of the flashing


It is the vertical panels I have issue with.  I want to keep them walls so that I can place doors and windows with ease.


And overall I’d prefer one solution that would allow me to rotate the material.  And result in a good section.

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My free coverings will likely do what you need. you can also use custom profiles in the coverings if the basics ive included arent whats needed.

link in my signature.


There was also Hmooslechner's accessory.


Also, which version did you code in Seneca?

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