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Hotlinking Working drawing models to a 3D Space

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Hi wr1nkles

If, as your signature suggests, you are still on AC9, you must hotlink one storey at a time. From 11 onwards you can use Multi-storey hotlinks (with the limitation that they all have the same storey settings)

Upon second reading this might not be the issue. Try suspending (or not) groups before moving / rotating hotlinked files.

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I think I understand now. You have one pln with all three buildings, and this pln is hotlinked into an overall site plan.

If you want to rotate these buildings independantly you could separate them into their own pln files, hotlink each one into the master plan individually.

Another way would be to save a copy of your three buildings, change their positions and then hotlink this copy (on a different layer to the original hotlinked file) into the master file. You can then turn the entire hotlink on and off by the layers they are placed on. Option A, Option B, perhaps.

Does any of this make sense?

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What's the best practice for doing this (multiple bldgs, single lot, 4 files hotlinked into site plan) when your story settings AREN'T the same?

I've got 3 files that I'm working with currently that have different story settings, hotlinked into a master file, and apart from a couple minor glitches, it seems to be working OK... but if the project gets any more complicated I'm afraid the story settings are going to prove difficult.

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Ok, that project is getting more complicated.

Building A elevations:
First floor = 8", Second Floor = 13'-10"

Buildings B and C Elevations:
First Floor = 2'-8", Second Floor = 16'-4"

Building D Elevations:
Don't matter 'cuz we're tearing it down.

Seems to me that ALL these files (A, B, D, Merge) must have the same stories, and those stories address all the different levels?

Foundation A: 0'-0" - 0'-8"
1st Floor A: 0'-8" - 2'-8"
1st Floor B: 2'-8" - 13'-2"
2nd Floor A: 13'-2" - 16'-4"
2nd Floor B: 16'-4" - 24'-4"
Roof A: 24'-4" - 26'-4"
Roof B: 26'-4" - 30'-0"

OR... do they all have the same stories, but those stories are easy (multiples of 12' or 10' or something, foundation, ground, 2nd, attic, roof), and each file puts slabs and walls at the appropriate heights?

Help? Thanks....

Erika Epstein
this has been discussed a number of times.
When your story settings don't match, you need to import story by story so you can correct vertical alignment.

Alternatively, you can save each building as a library part and place that.
This last can help you quickly site the buildings as all storys move as one.
Later when siting is set, you can do the single story hotlink.
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