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How can I change stories on existing plans with fixed altitu

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How can I change stories on existing objects with kept altitude?
The problem is that I need to change stories on some objects in my model. All the time the alt of the object changes. I would just like to take an object from ex. storie 3 and "move it" down to storie 2 with the altitude unchanged?
How to do?

James Murray
After pasting the element, select it and Elevate by the Z distance between the stories. When pasting down, you would elevate up (positive), and when pasting up, you would elevate down (negative).

You can also drag the element in a section window.

James Murray
Rill Architects • macOS •

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Also Before moving the object, note the Objects height "to Project Zero".
After pasting object on new story, edit the "to Project Zero" height to match previously noted height.

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because i like to relate elements back to a common datum (usually ground floor finished floor level which is not necessaily project 0) i always set distance between storeys to 0 (admittedly i started doing this in v. 6.5 before introduction of additional reference levels, but have not had cause to change back because it works for me).

this way, cutting and pasting between any storeys retains original elevation height.

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