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How can I copy an image to ArchiCAD and paste it on floors?

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Hello! I’m currently working on a school project that requires me to place a complicated drawing on the floor (like a floor pattern) and walls (like a mural) and I cannot find a way to do it. It’s basically just a painting on the floor/wall and I already have the image with a transparent background, and what I want is to paste the image on the floor in a way that allows me to resize it and move it around as I see fit, in a way that’s visible on the floorplan and also 3D. I say transparent background because I need the floor underneath to show in some empty spaces on the image. Thank you for any help you can give me!

A solution is to create a bitmap fill
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Dua Kramer:

For seeing the image in 3D, you can use the Carpet 21 object (horizontal) and the Painting 21 object (vertical); use the Custom Picture option and enter the name of your image that must be in the loaded libraries. To add an image to the floor plan, use the Figure Tool, and check the "Transparent" option.

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For the 3D also a Morph with no thickness can be used. In this case it will be like an extruded L. Morph let you align the 3D texture the way you need it.

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