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How to draw a sloping slab on garage floor


Hi, I'm trying to draw a sloping slab on garage floor but not find the way, so I'm seeking help here. The slope slab is showed as picture below, the edge of AB is designed 3inch higher than edge of CD






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Adam N

To do this i quite often use a combination of slab object and roof object, use a single sloping roof object with the correct fall/height above the slab object, then use solid element operations to trim the sloping underside of Roof to the flat top of the slab, as long as the materials are the same this should look correct in section.

Eduardo Rolon

Another option is Slab+Mesh or Slab+Morph (partial to this one).

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With complex slopes and or lots of directional changes, Mesh tool seems to work best as you can set Z axis anywhere you want on the garage slab.

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Steve Jepson

Personally, I model all Flatwork (sidewalks, garage slab, paito...)  as Roofs. 

Easy to adjust the slope

Uniform thickness

Use of the Level Dimension Tool/Gravity Tool 

Ctrl-Click function for perfect intersects with different slopes 

Interactive Schedules for Control and Expansion joints - you can designate the edge of a roof plane and Schedule it.  Just change the name of the caption in the Schedule to Expansion Joint or Control Joint  - from one of the roof edge types you assign.  🙂

To get those slopes in the corners at the front of the garage you will want to have the roof pivot lines oriented perpendicular @ a 45  2021-10-14_15-28-04.jpg2021-10-14_15-30-32.jpg

You have water traps at B, C, and D.  Not enough to bother with perhaps ?




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Hi guys, I tried either roof or  mesh tools for sloping slab. For me, it seems mesh is easier to understand. Anyway, thanks so much for giving quick response and help for a new learner, it's so helpful here


ArchiCAD 25 3011 USA - Windows 11 Home 64x
DESKTOP 12600KF 64G RAM 3070 GPU

A mesh will have a flat base (so long as you have the solid body turned on).

A roof will have a sloping base parallel to the top surface.

If you need to see them in section or 3D, that may be important.



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There is a Help Center article about this topic:

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