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How to have camera view matched with a photo?

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I tried to have camera view matched with a photo. I followed the link below

A file named "picture" is actually screen shot taked after creating a temporary 3D view. I placed this image on the plan view using Figure tool.
A file named "screen shot" is a work followed by the linke above.
A file named "created camera view" is a result.

View of "created camera view" and that of "picture' have to be exactly matched with each other, but they are not.
Anybody could help me out?

The AlignView command is very picky. Even with good photos it will fail. It won't ever work for sure with screenshots (even cropped photos ain't gonna work).

If you have a file with the camera position you want in another file... maybe just copy the values from one dialog to another?
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I agree with Runxel. Don't get bothered with align view function. It appeared about 20 years ago and I stopped using it as soon as started even when that time I did a lot of CGI and photomontages (I even didn't know it still exists). The best way to match the view with photo - is to mark position on the map where you were standing by taking photo. And represent this position in ArchiCAD. To have some printed paper of area from Google maps where you are going to take photo and a pen always good idea. After using the same map extraction, or OS map scheme or topographic survey, placed in correct position and scale in ArchiCAD, place the camera in locations marked on map. Check correct z of the camera - if you have topographic survey you definitely will have levels of the area and the street where you were standing.
And view from ArchiCAD camera will never perfectly match with the real photo. Because real photo always have some lenses distortion - in reality light is travelling a little bit different from simple XYZ mathematical models.
Animation tools - like Maya or Blender I guess have more advanced algorithms matching images and cameras. You can try them, if you will experience poor results in ArchiCAD. In any case renders that you can make in Blender are going to be much higher quality than Cine-render in ArchiCAD able to achieve.

I hope that answers to your concerns.

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Thank for your deailed anwer, Pdodolsky.
I tried with 4K photo, but it failed. I undestand why it didn't work.
I will try another way.

Are your cameras set to the same field of view? Other than the view heights being different in your images, different focal lengths could explain the depth change.

Regarding Podolsky's comment about lens distortion, if you know what lens was used you can find out all of the relevant information to remove the distortion if your photo editing software doesn't already have an automatic function to do so.

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Also you can try external software like fspy.
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