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How to move post in railing?


How to move the post standing right at the edge of the last step? I need it aligned with the edge like the other inner posts are, but I can't find a way without moving the node. Moving the node is not an option it distorts the right slope of the whole railing I only need the post moved a bit to the left of the picture so the base aligns with the edge.

Barry Kelly
The proper way is to move the node and then adjust the top rail connection - make it continuous and adjust the extension lengths.
But I find the rail does not always trim nicely.

I would probably just cheat a bit here.
Add an extra node on the top horizontal part of the rail so you get a post where you want it.
Then select that transition post and change it to "None" so it disappears, but the node is still there.


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Thanks! The extra node made the trick.

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