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How to use Shell tool?

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Can someone be so kind teach me or show me any useful video for 18 or 19 shell tool use? I tried search on YouTube but its all old version and I just can't apply the same way they apply. Shell tool is such a great tool when coming to design organic feature, and I would hate so much if I don't know how to use it.

Thank you very much

Barry Kelly
Have you tried the 'Archicad YouTube channel' in the HELP menu of Archicad.
This will give you the official Graphisoft movies.
Type "shell" in the search and will show you all movies to do with shells.

I think these movies were made in version 15 when the shell tool was first available - but the tool has remained the same since.


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Yep, confirming what Barry said, I learned to use the Shell tool with the official Graphisoft videos. And yes is an amazing tool when you know how to use it, but not, you don't need to hate non a little bit if you don't know how to use it .

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I dont even know they have that function in there. Thank you guys

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