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How to visualize elements of the floor below

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Hello folks,
I am trying to visualize elements of the floor below which should be visible. In my case, it is a first floor from which, in plan, I shouhld visualiza part of the garden at ground floor and part of the stairs (the other part should be hidden behind the floor slab. Is there a way of how to do it?



Hi, depending one the amount of objects and the type of visualization, i use 2 methods:

First one, and its probably the more straighforward method is simply make the objets in the floor below appear in the upper floor with the plan and section dialog. You can make slabs and walls appear in the next floor and works relatively well for simple things. Dont forget to adjust your plane cut heights in your view map! Also, dont forget to use cover fills for your slabs, so you dont see whats below.

If you need more complex visualization, i would recommend creating a cloned folder of the plans, and also create a specific layer combination and graphic override for it (which would allow you to see everything in gray outlines, or whatever color you want). This plans will be used only for seeing whats below your current plan.
Then in the layouts, you sticht your current floor plan with the lower floor cutting out the portions you dont need. You have to do this once and its a bit tricky, but once is done it works great and you can control how you see everything.

Depending on your presentation requirements you could look at producing a “3D document from plan” as an option. This is generally more suited to presentation rather than construction documents.
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