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I want to do a VR scene

I wanted to make a Vr Scene but with cameras that don't show 360 views. Is that possible? I want one camera only to show 90 degree view and another camera 180 degree view. I want the viewer to decide where he wants to look within our given view angle so I don't think I want a flythrough. I also need the result small enough to post on a web site and view.

Thanks in advacne,
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David Larrew

Unfortunately, the VR Object and VR Scene Cameras don't give you the option to control the viewer's limits. You can control what is being viewed and the camera view cone but not the actual camera limiting angle.

There are some other VR stitching/viewing applications out there that might give you a little more control.
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Michele wrote:
I wanted to make a Vr Scene but with cameras that don't show 360 views.
As David said, not out of the box.


Simulate the real world camera - render to individual images as if you are there in the VR space (as you really are, in your mind) and stitch them together later.

Not very easy, asks for some calculation for best results.


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Hmm. Sounds fun. I have done some abitious works such as this for clients. I have mainly used the Flash program to put everything together. There are some programs out there that allow you to script a walkthrough, etc. etc. but they require a GREAT deal of coding/scripting/headache/eating fingernails. I have heard that you could link several quicktime VRs together with html hotspots on certain areas. . .but alas they left that functionality out on archicad.
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