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Importing pdf files / drawings

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I am fairly new to archicad so please excuse my terminology etc...
I am an Interior Design uni student and have a project for which I need to refurbish a heritage listed derelict building. We have been given the original drawings in pdf format and I was hoping to import and modify them as a base for my new drawings, rather then re draw the whole thing.
I have worked out how to import and explode them, so they are editable, but is there a way to then generate a 3D view from that, or will I need to re draw it all if I want 3D views etc...
Also, when I click on a wall, it comes up as a polymer line, but isn't recognised as a wall (etc) and doesn't give dimensions or any other information, is there a better way of going about it so I can use the drawings I have been given and turn them into usable drawings for my final project?
Any help would be appreciated!

Gerald Hoffman
PDFs are mostly 2D vector line drawings. They have no 3D intelligence embedded. If you want 3D modelling in ArchiCad you will have to trace over the PDF with the wall tools etc to get what you want.

If the PDF is accurate it will save input time for doing your drawings. The same is true in the case of DWGs.

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Thanks Gerald, that is a great help and the idea of tracing will save me lots of time.

If you're new to AC and you have a lot of tracing to do then check out the Magic wand tool in the help files
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Stress Co_
I'd add:
Place your pdf on a worksheet (as opposed to the story you are working in),
explode it and use "Show as Trace Reference".
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Stress wrote:
I'd add:
Place your pdf on a worksheet (as opposed to the story you are working in),
explode it and use "Show as Trace Reference".
100% Agree, don't put the pdf in the story. I usually have a worksheet called 00 - Reference. This help you to do a cleaner work.

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