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Infobox Layers drop down always alphabetical?

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Hello- I've updated my layers settings and am able to have them display in order based by extension in the "Layers Setting". However when I want to change the layer of an item I've selected via the drop down menu, it is in alphabetical order. I made sure, in the layer setting, to have everything displayed as "filter by extension".... not sure why it is not working. I've attached an "incorrect" image below. Thanks for the help. AC19 by the way

layers incorrect.PNG

Karl Ottenstein
The Layers drop-down in the Info box, settings dialog, etc is always alphabetical. Changing the sort order in the Layer Settings dialog, filtering by extension, etc only affects your view within that dialog/window.

Same thing for all other attributes - fills, building materials, etc. You can change the sort order in Attribute Manager, but it will have no affect on drop-downs elsewhere.
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