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Inner posts/balusters of railing not aligning along angled/curved segments

I have a problem where inner posts/balusters of railing are not aligning along angled(non polar)/curved segments in 3D. In 2D symbol is following angle or curve but in 3D all posts/inner posts/balusters are aligning to polar. If change slant angle to 90.01 they orient properly in 3D.
Also seems to be file specific - when I try with default ArchiCAD template file it is fine. When using modified company template, it acts up. Tried using prebuilt railing favorite but same problem. Tried drawing railing in default AC template - looks good there - and copying to company file - posts change rotation to polar.

I am sure there will be use case where we will need them to stay polar but I figure the problem will be opposite.
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Barry Kelly
If it is all working well in a default template then there is obviously nothing wrong with Archicad or the objects.
So the problem must be in your template file.
However I can't think of what could be different in your file that would cause this problem.

Check that you have exactly the same library/ies loaded in both files.
Also you could try to open your template from within Archicad (File menu > open) and tick the option to "Open & Repair selected file".

I have no idea if this will work but I can't think of much else to try.


P.S. it may be wise to play around with a copy of your template file while you are experimenting until you figure out what the problem is - just in case you mess it up further.

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