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Insanely slow layouts in Teamwork

Over the last couple of weeks (maybe more)... the Layouts in my project have become insanely slow... Simply trying to PAN can lag in the area of 15sec... Trying to SELECT and move a drawing on the layout even more...

Even just trying to add a Text Label onto the layout is excruciating.

Are there any tips or avenues for me to pursue to diagnose this?

These are NOT updating problems... this is happening AFTER I've already waited 1 to 2 min for a sheet of sections to update...

I cannot determine if this is happening OUTSIDE of TEAMWORK... I'll try and check that out sometime this week.

Yes, certain drawings, such as site plans are somewhat 2d intensive (lots of fills, etc)... But this seems MUCH slower than I recall.

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utility for AUTOCAD that reduces the number of nodes in a POLY LINE

PLDiet for anyone who is interested. The one I use anyway.


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Eli Chiasson
Erwin wrote:
If it is only the fills, maybe try switching off vectorial hatching when opening the layout? As a workaround to make things manageable.

View > On-Screen View Options > Vectorial Hatching

You should get a bitmap pattern instead.
Woah, this is a nice tip! Thanks Erwin. Layout speed is often something we struggle with as our projects get more developed. I just tried this out and it did make things quicker.
Eli Chiasson
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Erwin Edel
Glad it helped, just remember to turn it back on or you will go crazy wondering why your views you look wrong
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