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Is it not possible to import IFC files in the Education Trial?

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Just have some questions for getting normal objects - like doors / windows in ar. 21

I worked before with ar. 21 before (in a company - now im a student again and trying to use the program on the school) and know how it should work, but now I don't have any library, I only got "holes" for the doors and windows. I cant import IFC files, because there is no "settings" to choose when I am - Open - Open - I have tried to figure out use the translater - but still is doesn't work.

SO to get the IFC files to work and getting a normal library in Ar....

Is all this because it a education / trial version?

Regards and thanks

Marie Louise

You should just be able to remap your libraries to the new installation folder. If you're using your old company's template, they probably had their own custom libraries or had centrally stored them for library consistency between users.

I've never tried importing an IFC file so I'm blank there. As far as I knew, the only difference between Full and EDU is all the water marks and the Teamwork files being restricted to EDU.

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