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Is there a way to force "Rebuild & Regenerate" for all views?


So I have this zone stamp (for AC21) that can read a .txt file created by this label (for AC21).

After "Reset" the log file, which is basically making the file blank, the data need to be re-written by placed instances of the label object. "Rebuild & Regenerate" works well for each view. It's not much work for a small project. But for bigger project, maybe 10 or more stories building, "Rebuild & Regenerate" for each story, elevation, section, ... could be painful.

Is there a way to force "Rebuild & Regenerate" for all views at once? Or, another way to achieve what I'm looking for?

Any thought is much appreciated.
Archicad 25, Windows 10, Corei7 3.4 GHz, 16 GB Ram.

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