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Joint between 2 same elements in plan

Hello Archicad Community,

First of all would like to thank you as you've already solved many of my questions when using google looking for tricks & tip.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to find any solution for my last problem, therefore decided to ask.

Is it somehow possible to see the joint between 2 same elements in plan when their reference lines are connected? I'm modelling a facade horizontal element, and I would like to see in plan (indirect also in the elevations) where the joints are between those elements without leaving a gap.

A is how I would like to model it. One after the other without a physical joint.
B is how it looks like in Archicad in plan (no visible joint)
C is how I would like to be seen in plan (I guess in the elevation would also work if it works in plan) - (Just completed it with 2d line for the example).

I know the lines come automatically when both elements have another texture, but I would like to keep it clean and don't have to make a copy from the same texture.

Thanks a lot for your help.
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Hi t_and,
Thanks for your kind words.
Regarding your issue: The only solution for this is by changing the reference lines. Like this:

Hope this helps.

p.s.: It is just a dirty workaround. But you can always vote for Line/Surface Merging Control.
Paulo Henrique Santos, Architect
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Another one...
If changing the Wall Reference and 2d lines are not options, you could add an empty window/door with zero width. At least it will attached to the Wall.
Paulo Henrique Santos, Architect
AC24_INT#3008 / I7 / 16Gb / 512Mb SSD / Windows 10

Steve Jepson
just use a different layer intersect number for one of them
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