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Just finished my (so far) most complex expression property


The expression is checking that we a correct combo of layer and classification. The expression takes into account that the classification can have a deeper level than the layer (they start kind of with the same coding). A layer could be A-15--- and the corresponding classification 15.SG so there are a few tweaks to extract and align something that can be compared. Basically the expression looks at the layer and how many figures there are and from that compare to equal number of figures from the classification. Good to have finished this off just before the week-end 🙂 as a part of our internal quality checking methods. It would be so nice to have a more graphical editor for the expressions when they are long like this.



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ok. That's impressive! It would be cool to see how it works. I just did the simple one to round up the occupant loads to the next round number.


Wow! Well done.

I always get to frustrated to complete expressions like that. Even when I know that it is possible.

As you say it would be nice to have a more graphical editor or at least some visual help to read the expression. It's nearly impossible to read a chunk of expression like that so it's hard to learn from others work. That's to bad because it has so much potential!

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As you are working on the expression, feel free to separate it over multiple lines with carriage returns.

Makes it much easier to read.




It will automatically go back to a single line when you OK it.

Which is a bit annoying when you want to edit it further.

You have to spread it out again to make sense of it.



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Hi! as i understand it what you are looking for with this little monster is to check if the layer AND the classification have the same number of elements, is that correct?


Regarding Barrys tip I do it another way. I create the individual parts as their own properties and give them understandable names. Then I populate the higher level expressions with the understandable names and when I've reached what I want I copy the individual expression and substitute the understandable names with the expression. I can't do it another way. Using line breaks as Barry suggests works for me with smaller expressions but the dollar question is why  GS doesn't give us some formatting help (same with GDL).

AC 25 SWE Full

HP Zbook Fury 15,6 G8. 32 GB RAM. Nvidia RTX A3000.

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