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LP_XMLConverter : problem with <ReplacementDef>

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to edit parameters in a lot of objects with the help of the LP_XMLConverter.
So far I've been able to easily convert the complete library to XML and back to GSM but I struggle with the <ReplacementDef> functionality. In the GLD Center Tips and Tricks section, it is suggested to insert a keyword Meaning="xxx" in the value that one wants to edit and to point to this keyword in the replacement definition that will be used by the LP_XMLConverter
The problem is that I cannot insert this keyword in every object. I need another way of doing this directly in the existing code. You can see an abstract of the code I want to edit below. I'd like to change the Value 4.
	<PenColor Name="gs_cont_pen">
			<Description><![CDATA["Contour Pen"]]></Description>
I tried to write a Replacement Definition like this :
	<ReplacementItem Name="gs_cont_pen" Value="20"/>
but with no success. The converter seems to specifically need a "Meaning" keyword.

Does anyone here have a solution to this using the LP_XMLConverter?
If not, do you know of an efficient way to mass edit xml files on a mac?

Thank you very much!


I did not try the coverter with <REPLACEMENTDEF>.
When I want to mass edit the xml files, on MAC I use
the App "find & replace it!".

If the tip comes from the GDL Center website, you should ask the question in the website forum there,
because there are the experts from Graphisoft who wrote the tip.
Joachim Suehlo . AC12-25 . MAC OSX 10.15 . WIN10

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Well, I tried to do this with MassReplaceIt (free & opensource) and it worked perfectly!
It even let's you save your replacement rules. So you can easily do this again in batch when you update the library in the future.

Thanks for your tip Joachim!

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