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Layer Combination changing after setup, Archicad 25 and previously.


Working with Archicad 25 on MacOS 12.1.

Fairly complex project, with around 50 layers and 20 layer combinations.

Model finished, drawings set up, dimensions an annotations in place, looks good and ready to print.

I need to do a minor adjustment on handrail height on one floor, I do that on the model ( only selecting the handrails in 3D), raising it 100 mm. 

Now I go to drawing of facade, and the model has disappeared except measurements. This has happened before, I go to layer setting, into layercombination used and try to turn on a layre that will make everything appear. I find that layer and update the layercombination setting. It works for this drawing, go to next drawing and the problem is there, even if I have updated tha layercombination, it does not seem to work everywhere.

What is the problem ? 


Jan Vlach

Honestly, I have no clue what is going on, the only problem I had with layer combos was when I renamed layers or combinations of them. (Archicad has trouble remembering when they are changed, but I believe Graphisoft promised to fix this up in 25, so that should not be a problem) Anyway for the time being I would go to layer manager, saved the desired setting as a new layer combination, then it should be just a case for applying it to all the affected views.

From Archicad 8.5 all the way to the present.
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Thanks Jan, this is the way I ususlly do this. This is a problem that I have had, ond other local users once in a while. Usually it works like a charm, but some times it becomes a problem and I usually see it when I am working on a project that has all the drawings set up, layercombo set and I need to fix something, and then the layercombo does not show the drawing correctly.

In this case I started the project in an earlyer Archicad version  and migrated into 25.

So I think that what Archicad did in the past was that it hold in the projcet the name of the layer and layer combo, and of course got into troubles when they changed.  I guess that the fix is that now there is a unique id, invisible to the end user, added to a layer and layer combos, so even if the name gets changed, Archicad can keep track of what is what. What I suspect is the problem that maybe the process of moving file from older version of Archicad either doesnt switch to the new system, or does it in part/has some bug in it. But keep in mind this is just one users guess:) Anyway I hope its all fixed now:)

From Archicad 8.5 all the way to the present.
Passionate Autocad hater as well.
Wish to save palets and menus individualy in work enviroments:

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