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Learning GDL - Tutoriales, Videos, Boos

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Hi, my name is George and I am new on this Forum thus I am using Archicad for about six years.

I am wondering if someone can help me with some references from were I can learn GDL scripting.

Please take into account that I took a look over the GDL Cookbook, Introduction to Object Making and GDL Reference Guide and I am wondering if there are some more similar Books, Articles, Video Tutorials and other.


Barry Kelly
The 3 you quote are the best free resources I know of.
There is another I know of from Cadimage - GDL Handbook.
I see it is now in it's 2nd release and now has a PDF version.
It is not free however and I think is more of an advanced GDL book.

The GDL Cookbook I found to be the best.
A little outdated now but still relavent.
Follow the examples from the beginning and you will learn a lot.


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