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Level of the hotlink walls

BIM Architects

Hi There

I have a hotlink with hight 3m form floor to floor and floor 100mm.

On the Groudfloor I have 200mm floor.

I need to lower the level of the hotlink walls to the concrete slab.

How can I do it, or is it possible? Please have a look my screen.Screen.JPG



BIM Architects

Hello silent audience.

If it's not possible just let me know.

Also feel free to let me know if the silence depends on me explaining poorly.




Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

The reason it is not possible is that it is not possible to link the Base of a Wall to the Reference Line of a Slab. It is only possible to specify a constant offset for the Base of the Wall from its Home Story. If the offset in the Hotlinked Module is specified to be 100 mm than it will be 100 mm on all Stories in all placed instances of the Hotlinked Module. It is not possible for the offset to be 100 mm in one placed instance of the Hotlinked Module, and be 200 mm in another placed instance.

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The simple method is modeling a tall wall and letting material priorities do the job -on the typical floor the typical slab just trims the one and only taller module wall by material priority. 

A more laborious, all-positive-modeling method is creating a 'bottom wall supplement' on a specific layer (say A-WALL-INTR-supp), and a new layer combo including the supplement layer so as to create two unit types from the same model (publishing combo for ground floor unit includes 'suppl', for typical floor unit doesn't).

Sooner or later some other differences may appear between ground and typical floor units, that justify modeling them separately (perhaps breaking them up into smaller modules, so as to minimize the trace-referencing and repeat manual model changes), but both methods above should be good enough until then.

Thank you for sharing workaround

Thank you Laszlo

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