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Looking for metal building parts and pieces

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Is there any 3rd party that sell complete metal building, structural components? (Tapered columns, tapered spandrel beams, purlins, etc.) I mean the all parts of an entire building, not just individual pieces. If so where would it be located. I do not see what I want with Objects-on-line or at least I'm not finding what I want.

David Larrew
I've posted a couple of handy complimentary metal building Objects on ObjectsOnline:

Rigid Frame Eave Strut:

Rigid Frame Beam:

You can also get them bundled at my website:

There are also other similar Objects posted on ObjectsOnline. If these are not what you need, please contact me via PM and let me know if I can help with a custom solution.
David Larrew, AIA, GDLA, GSRC

Architectural Technology Specialist

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I know of a company that sells complete metal building packages. It goes as far as purlins, girts, rigid frames (main frames), post & beam endwalls (or Fully expandable, or non-expandable endwalls), bolts, clips, screws, panels, trim, walk doors, roll doors... and much more. The only thing we don't do is erection, supplying of anchor bolts... feel free to send in a quote

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