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Looking for roller shutter

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I´ve been looking for Roller Shutter object for a few days and I´m amazed I havnt found any so far...I would have thought this was a basic object and would be included in the basic archicad library.

This is the kind of shutter or blind (I´m not a native english speaker so forgive me if I´m not calling it by the right name lol) that I´m looking for:
(but without the window)

Anyonoe has something like this or knows som manufacturer that provides GDLs?


Barry Kelly
Did you try searching for "roller" in the door object settings?
This is what I get in the default AUS library - I assume it is in the other national libraries as well.
It isn't an exteranal shutter as such, but is it any good?


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Thanks for the reply.

I do have that garage door, but its not quite what I´m looking for. Even tho its escencially the same thing, but motorized, it doent have any detail at all...if I rememeber correctly the top mecanism is just a solid box, and I need to start working on some detailed sections.

Think I'll just leave the empty "box" and try to work something in 2d directly on the section view

Erwin Edel
Dutch library has parts for this made by the reseller,

Maybe they can help?
Erwin Edel, Project Lead, Leloup Architecten

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