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Lumber Pack - Archicad 25


So far in Archicad 25 the only components that I can get to show up in the lumber pack (under lists/components/lumber pack) are roof elements IF they are made via the Roof Wizard (via roof maker). If I make the same components using the beam command, it will not show up. I make all floor joists / LVLs with beams and would love if I could have a list of quantities / lengths of beams.

Has anyone had any luck with quantifying joists / beams / etc components in their program in the last few updates ? Every forum I search shows issues dating back to Archicad 9.

Thanks in advance.


Aaron Bourgoin

try changing your working units to imperial. or vice-versa. this is a really old tool and the only way I was ever able to get it to do something was to fix the units.

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Karl Ottenstein

I used to always be able to get the Lumber Pack to work as a demonstration of what Property Objects could do ... typically attaching a 2x6 Exterior Wall Property Object to a wall to generate all of the components.


I can't seem to get anything to work in recent versions.  Not sure how many versions ago is the last time it worked for me.  (Again, I've only done it as a teaching thing to demonstrate the feature.)

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