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Missing door and window objects in Master Layout

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Hi all!

I have this problem when moving the drawing plan to the Master Layout, the doors and windows disappear. It happens when I try to put elevations and section plans too - no windows and doors. I use ArchiCAD 24 and its linked library because the embedded one was missing when downloaded it. I thought this maybe is the problem so I reinstalled ArchiCad but it was the same.
I tried everything but couldn't find any resolution.

Thanks in advance if anyone can help me, I would really appreciate it!

Boyan wrote:
moving the drawing plan to the Master Layout

You should be saving a View of your drawing which you then put on the Layout. In this way you can set the drawings MVO, Graphics Overrides and Renovation Filters for each individual drawing placed. My guess would be that one of these settings is incorrect and hiding the doors and windows when you are moving the drawing across.

Is there some reason why you are placing this drawing on a Master?

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