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Modeling old building - Polygonal wall: to use or not to use?

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Hi everyone, this is a first for me: modeling an existing building from early XX century (masonry, stone....)
I am considering using polygonal walls but already ran into this difficulty and I would just like to confirm: is there a way to correct the left side of the door so it adjusts to the thickness? (thickness is different on either side).

Thank you in advance.

Using polygonal walls in models of old buildings is highly recommended. The troubles with door opening and windows you can solve different ways - even modelling the opening from polygonal walls and adding door itself later. In ArchiCAD 25 you can even use for that new polygonal opening for that.

For door you can create another thick wall and place the door there - and place the wall with door in right location - as if it would be a separate object. Also good practise is to convert straight walls into trapeziod where needed. For that is really handy commands when you click on Wall reference line.

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AFaria wrote:
is there a way to correct the left side of the door so it adjusts to the thickness?
I don't think you can't. There is a great tool for this kind of thing, which is Infinite Openings. If your office is doing this kind of job regularly I am sure it would pay for itself in a couple of jobs. If this is not an often situation, and I would be in your shoes, I would probably create a custom door with just the casing part of the door (made with columns and a beam). Maintaining the original AC door without casing.
Hope this helps.

If you dont need exactly acurate door parts, i would do two walls and place the door in the thinner one and an empty opening in the thicker wall. Then complete the door frame in the thicker part with complex profile using beam and column

Barry Kelly
I am not sure if there would be any door objects that would detect a difference in thickness across the width of the opening.

If it was a regular wall you would have to model two walls end to end and the door could only belong to one of them.

As it is a polygon wall you might have to model it with one thickness across the door width and then model the extra thickness above the door with an extra bit of wall.


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Thank you both for your feedback.

I have been working with Archicad for about 5 years and this kind of project is a first and I have never used the polygonal wall tool. Still trying to understand it's advantages and shortcomings.

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