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Modelling niches - lésène For construction plans and quantity takeoffs



I often use simple shapes to design my projects, the concept is a simple wall, with inside or outside extrucsions, like shown in tha attachement below, they are made of columns and beams having the same building mateial so they merge in 2D plan presentation, 

In 3D, i use surface overlay to create seperated texture, for exemple, the green vertical elements are column with green side surface, i used columns cos they are strocnger than wall, so the window side surface will be green.

the niches under windows are made with columns with AIR material, ( 999 priority ) in a hidden layer, 


For conceptual design, all works great, in 3D and 2D , not very well in 2D but it's almost OK.


But when i try to move to construction plans, it becomes a headache.


in reality, it's a brick wall, outside extrucions are brick too ( same brick ) . all covered with a cement finish, 2.5 cm of thickness. cement should follow all the corners, reveals, extrusions, etc. so it can be represented correctly on floor plan, and quantified correctly too.


Did you have some solutions to deal with this please ? 





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Rajesh Patil

Hi, I think you are not using composite building materials, using wrap column will follow the walls outer finish composite skin may solve your problem. Have you tried for window tools niche option?  if possible try to mail me Archicad ". pln" file.

Will check and try to solve your problem. 

Rajesh Patil
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Yesterday,after the post,  I did some tests, I got interesting results using complex profile column, the niche window doesn't add core brick to the extrusion,  it only makes plaster thicker,

but they are workarounds, it would be better to have this future in an easier way 

I'll show you tomorrow when I get in office 

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, 32 GB RAM, RTX 3080 10 GB

Archicad 23

Windows 10 professional

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