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Module Update Crashing ArchiCAD (Mac OSX)

I am using ArchiCAD 8v3 (aus) on Mac OS 10.2.7. When I place a pln as a module on another file there is no problem. It's when I update the module ArchiCAD crashes right at the last moment.I tracked this problem down to the corner windows in the module. When I removed them it updates fine. I also tried this on ArchiCAD 8v3 (aus) on another Mac running OS 9.2. Instead of crashing right at the last moment I get an alert message stating:
"The corner window has been changed to a single window. Corner window cannot be placed in trapezoid or curved walls."
I click OK and it works. Seems like a OSX problem,
has anyone else experienced this?
ArchiCAD 15 AUS
Mac OS 10.7
iMac 2.8GHz i7 8GB RAM

I 'think' I've experienced this problem with a skylight before. It seems to me that maybe when you bring a .pln in as a module, it may lose some of it's intelligence. Keep in mind that when you use any accessories or any intelligent object such as a corner window, it is constantly checking itself against the building components it is linked to. If the model is now a fraction of itself that resides in the original .pln file, it may not work correctly. I think the same applies to Solid Element Operations, which is big bummer when you try to hotlink separate files into a master file for example.
Just a hunch.

does anyone have an answer to this?
I have a 200 bed aged care facility for which im using a hotlinking module method.
i have put a corner window into one of the modules..... what a mistake that turned out to be!
for every module archicad feels like telling me the corner window has to be split to which you have to ok everytime! (not that i sat there pressing ok 200 times obviously).
yet when tested on a single module it will produce the error and end up being perfectly fine afterwards. so its really only a hugely annoying error message.

please help as id really like a corner window.

Have you tried using the storefront windows? You can mitre the ends to whatever angle you need.
ArchiCAD 25-4013; Windows 10; Intel i5-3570K; 16GB RAM, GeForce GTX 960


the best way to address corner windows is to use a technique as described by Jere. You can eventually use DWB (CadImage Door/Window Builder) where this feature is provided at very high level of reliability and customising (however it is not for free).

In general, I would not use the AC native corner window tool at all, thus the survey I have set up for the corner window use.

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