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Morph Tool Bugs!

When I create solid object in Rhino, connect it to Morph component in Live Connection (I changed it "mesh brep" before connecting it to Morph) and change the location or the shape of rhino object, rhino run into clash. It's definitely bug....serious one. Software cannot be perfect, but I don't understand why Graphisoft could not find out even this serious bug before they release new version. Because link between archicad and rhino is possible, we switched to archicad from revit,and morph function is really important one to our design process. Live connection sounds plausible, but is it just for show for now? I have read article that somebody else has already complained about this bug, but the answer is "You can downgrade to build 4022 and Live Connection v 1.8." I tried...but the v1.8 has many other serious bugs.....OMG!

Hello Space97,

I think you might have found some other thread here on the forum. The workaround was indeed to downgrade, or to use an object node instead of the morph node.

But it is indeed a really serious problem that didn't come out during the preliminary tests. The problem should be fixed in the next update of ARCHICAD 21 (build 60xx), but since that is still weeks away, we have released a preview version of the update (and the corresponding add-on), specifically to address this issue.

You can download the ARCHICAD update from here, and the corresponding Add-on from here. Note that these update packages are not final, so there might still be some major issues in them. You can see the conversation about them here.

The tool is not perfect yet, but we are constantly developing it, and adding new features to it regularly. If you have any wishes or suggestions about which direction the development should go, please leave your thoughts in the Grasshopper-ARCHICAD Connection section of the forum, the feedback helps a lot.

I hope this will solve your problem.

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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