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Need help with Graphic Scale in TitleType

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I am making a custom Title Type based on "Title with Layout No 10".

I would like the Graphic Scale to start just to the left of my title (my title is all the way to the right of the cell).

The post "Autotext String Width" was very helpful, but my graphic scale is static. As the AC_DrawingName changes, the graphic scale remains in the same location. Here is what I have so far.


drawingNameWidth=STW('<AC_DrawingName>')* GLOB_SCALE / 1000

ADD2 -drawingNameWidth , upperRowHeight - lowerRowHeight

CALL "Graphic_Sc_NCS_drawTit" PARAMETERS gs_cont_pen=thinpen, gs_text_pen=gs_drawing_scale_font_pen, gs_text_size=gsfs, gs_text_style=sf, ut=ut, cs=0, tr=1, drawingScale=drawingScale



Please see the attached image.


F_ Beister
Hello Melisa,

as far as I see is the first command line wrong. It should be (untested!):
drawingNameWidth=STW(AC_DrawingName)* GLOB_SCALE / 1000
Have you added a new parameter to the parameter list and named it AC_DrawingName (Type string)?

Maybe a first step for you. HTH

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The AC_DrawingName parameter was loaded. And I changed the 2D sript as you recommended. It should work, but it doesn't. I have a feeling that there is something in the Master Script that is the root of the problem. I've attached the title here in case you have the time to look at it.
Thanks for all your help. It seems a lot of people are having trouble.

F_ Beister
It seems a lot of people are having trouble.
A lot of people use AC. AC and esp. GDL has grown to a very powerful tool with a lot of screws to turn on. And the documentation of GDL has not been the best 'til last week. 😉
I will have a look into your title object, if I find tomorrow a bit of time.

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Oh Frank ... If I only knew German! And I would love to. It's next on the list.
Thanks for trying!! I hope you find something.

F_ Beister
It's easier to learn GDL than German. Think about your priorities. 😉

F_ Beister
Can you explain your problem a bit more detailed? The title is in the right bottom corner.
It seems you have several errors. d<AC_DrawingName> ist OK. drawingNameWidth has not the expected value, because the styles, the text will be printed with are not set before you do the STW. So GDL can't know how wide the text will be, isn't it? But the position of the lines are maybe wrong too, because the title is printed yet, when they are executed. Try an END after the ADD2 and you will see. And least: You haven't shipped the macro Graphic_Sc_NCS_drawTit, so I can't test it really.

What do you want? What works'? What not? Best a quick scribble.

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Hi Frank,
I've defined the style up above. I tried to define it again under the SUB 400 but it did not like that.
I also added END after my ADD2 line in the SUB 400 and that simply turned off the Graphic Scale.
I don't know where the graphic scale is coming from. Maybe from the Object Library 10??
I've attached an image of what I'd like it to look like.
Thanks so much for trying to help.

F_ Beister
Hello Melisa.

It would make it more easy, if you would send all files, that are needed for your object. As I mentioned above the macro Graphic_Sc_NCS_drawTit is not part of my localised library. So I can't see where the scale bar is!

Attached is an updated main part of the title. I don't know why, but for the layout- and drawing number it was used a fixed width. I have changed this to the max. width of the strings. See commentary in the script.

If this is the solution or not. It would be kind, if you send me the missing macro. 😉

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