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Need urgent help with bugged library



i am a beginner in Archicad. I need to finish this project this week and i am in urgent need of someone who can help me figure this out. 


Every time i try to add another IFC file and or reload&apply the embedded libary my whole projects bugs out.

All my custom IFC models randomly switch to other models + flip,rotate in completely random ways.

I can only close the project without saving and open it back up. Strg + Z doesn't work.
My library also says Warning(4). Picture of that is attached. 
I can't find anything online as I dont even know what to look for. 

I would really appreciate if anybody takes a look at this 😞


Lee Hankins

Do you mean to add and lcf file or do you actually mean IFC? The library issues seem to be related to duplicate old and potentially incompatible parts being loaded as embedded objects. I think you need to try unloading all libraries and add the library from the current version of Archicad you are using, so the Archicad Library 25 for example and then load the Migration Libraries from the Graphisoft Archicad folder. If the file continues to crash try opening Archicad first then use the file open command and navigate to your file but before opening it check the box that says open and repair. 

It would be useful to understand which version and build of Archicad you are using and also which computer OS you are using. 

Lee Hankins
ArchiCAD 4.5 - Archicad 26UKI Apple Silicon 4032
macOS Ventura (13.1)

Laszlo Nagy
Community Admin
Community Admin

The Warning says that there are 4 Library Parts that each have two instanced in the libraries of the Project File. Under each of the 4 Library Parts, you will see where either of the duplicates are located.

I suggest that you delete for each Library Part the one instance located in the Embedded Library, or either of of the instance if both are located in the Embedded Library.

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