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Pet Palettes -

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" Pet Palettes are displayed automatically during drafting and editing operations."

Out of the box mine does not show. Lets say I want to mirror or rotate a copy. I select the element then were is the pet pallet?

David Larrew

I remember you previously having some trouble with your screen/workspace resolution... The pet palette might be active but out of view (off-screen).

Try going to "Options/Preferences/Dialog Boxes & Palettes" and check to have the the Pet Palette "Follow Cursor" (if it isn't already selected.
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you also have to click on the element after you have selected it -

depending on whether you have that element's tool, or the selction tool (arrow), active in your tool palette you get two different pet palettes.

clicking the last box in the pet palette switches you between the element's own transformation functions and the general transformation functions of the selection tool.

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