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Placing Object by its real world GPS Coordinates


Hi all, 


In our office we currently have a project with a large site. There are several locations on the site of heritage significance and we have GPS coordinates to locate them. We do not have them located on a single survey, and we do not have information on their distance from the location we have identified as our Project Origin. 

We have an accurate survey point that we have set as the Project Origin, so the project contains accurate Real World Coordinates. My question is, how can we insert Objects/Markers based on the GPS information we have for them. Is it possible to accurately place a marker/object based on a set of know GPS coordinates? 




Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 16.07.05.png


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There are calculators that you can use online that will give you an approximate distance for a given change in latitude and longitude given a starting point, but given that you are using GPS info to place things, is your site big enough that you might you start needing to take into consideration your projection system?




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Not quite sure what are you asking.

"Is it possible to accurately place a marker/object based on a set of know GPS coordinates?"

Not directly.

You can input precise coordinates when placing an object for example by pressing x, y and z keys and typing in the values. But to know the x/y/z in meters, you'll probably need to convert your gps first, as @Lingwisyer said.

You could also create a GDL object that would read a file with the gps, convert them and place the desired objects, however you wouldn't be able to modify them separately, or use Python.

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