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Plotmaker 9 Book layer problem - OSX

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We have a small but extremely frustrating Book layer problem with Plotmaker 9 (2219 INT FULL ) on Mac OSX 10.4.11

Create a New Layout book and choose a drawing layout (with nothing selected). Options menu -> Book Layers gives the Book Layer Settings window.

The left hand section, Layer Combination name, is full of combinations called “Client layout” or “Planning layout” followed with a string of numbers - mostly 2s - such as “Client layout 222223” or “Planning layout 1032222”. These have been auto generated or merged from we know not where.

The problem is if we try to select one and delete it - we can’t !

If we try and make a new combination, a small window comes up and says “Couldn’t create new combination”, which maybe is because the number of existing combinations has reached the limit.

I would be extremely grateful if anyone let me know how to delete them, or in which preference file they are stored in so we can edit these pesky layer combinations out !

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