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Priorities of construction materials for the tool Terrain


Hello. Please tell me how to fix the problem.
There is an array of ground modeled by the tool Terrain and assigned to it the construction material of the ground with a low numerical priority.
If we stick for example a concrete column in this ground and apply to it the building material concrete with a higher priority than that of the ground, and make a 3D section along the axis of the column, it is clear that the model relief does not work priority of building material and extra ground volume is not subtracted from the volume of concrete.
Does anyone know why construction material priorities do not work with the Terrain tool ?









Barry Kelly

The terrain (or mesh) does not interact automatically with other elements.

Priority Based Connections (PBC) only apply to certain elements as can be seen in this chart ...


You will have to perform a Solid Element Operation (SEO) to perform the subtraction.



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I think priority is not evidenced in a section.

Erwin Edel

No idea why you can't use priority based connections with Mesh tool, but Solid Element Operations will work regardless of building material priority.


You'd assume that at the very least you can use 'merge' as with roof tool and other elements.


We use slabs for our terrain, since it is flat around here (west of Netherlands). Slabs do work as you would like, but that doesn't help you much.


Maybe someone with experience with Mesh terrain can share their workflow.

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