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Problem: Tabs with Floor Plan View vs View Point

Electric Flute
Tabs works well with all kind of views (Sections, Elevations, Worksheets, etc) except with Floor Plans. We all know you can have only one Floor Plan and one 3D window open at a time. Ok, but this limitation is not the problem.

The problem is when you have a Tab Floor Plan View (blue icon) and you navigate among floors (right mouse button click on the tab or using shortcuts), the tab reverts to a View Point (black icon). Then you loose the settings of the Floor Plan View (layers, scale, etc) and you can`t return to the View (blue icon) anymore.

So, the only manner to navigate and keep the Floor Plan View Tab (blue icon) is to use the Navigator Palette each time you navigate among stories. Not very straightforward and this exception breaks the logic regarding all other kind of views.
AC25 > AC5 - Win10

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