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Ramp with different angles of inclination

Hello everyone, I'm new to this Archicad forum, and slowly I'm getting the idea of using different objects to perform any or almost any architectonic shape or object I need for my projects. In this case I need a Parking Ramp with 3 inclinations: less than 4% in the first and last 4 meters and the rest can be MAXIMUM 20% (that in a 3.1m slab parking I'm calculating is way enough and gets automatically calculated but surely under the 20% limit the rule imposes. I'm actually trying to do it with Ramps from the Stair Maker and Create Stair advanced options. With that set I can only choose a linear ramp with 1 inclination or a ramp that has a fixed inclination on the center and a way sloped inclination on the start and end (I've tried to impose the 4% as an angle that is around 2 degrees on this sides but this ramp is made for pedestrians so it doesn't bend LESS at the extremes and MORE in the center). Should I choose the Roof tool, I would like to avoid the mesh if possible due that the ramp is just a diagonal concrete slab that has 3 angles. Can you help me? Thanks a lot.

Rooftool is very easy for making ramps with a fixed thickness, mess tool is good for making sloping terrain features.

There are some ramp objects and you can also make ramps with stairmaker.
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You have 2 options here:
1. Use the Roof tool were you can specify the angles
2. under Objects you should have a Parking Ramp object that you can configure the transitions.
I would never use the stair tool to create a ramp for this.
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I did this yesterday with three roof elements, cut them in section and stretched the slopes as required following some temporary construction lines.


If you use the Roof Tool (this would be my choice), use Single-plane Roofs, they can be intersected automatically, in the help files see: Elements of the Virtual Building > Construction Elements > Roofs > Editing Roofs > Intersect Single-plane Roofs.

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