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Refer to parameters within if statement

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As a newbie in GDL, I can't get how to get together string and numbers.
My case:

I have parameters: a1, a2, a3, a4, a5 etc... with the same values

I want to create an if statement with all of the parameters, but it doesn't work, I can not create a right script to describe the parameters
for i=1 to 10
if a+str(i) = something then something....
else something else....
next i

if I want to loop with values, it works, but I don't get why, and how to
for i=1 to 10
value "a"+str(i,1,0) param1, param2
next i
can somebody explane it to me?

You can't concatenate variable names like this in GDL (although you can in other languages). To do the same thing, use an array. These are declared using the DIM statement e.g. DIM arrayName[]
Bruce Walker

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