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Renovation and wall cropping

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Rennovation question. I have a sandstone building which I am doing proposals for, as part of the proposals we are going to change the roof line and lower the head of the sandstone wall.

I have drawn the existing situation and cropped the walls to the roof, the walls are labeled 'existing' with renovation tool and roof is labeled 'to be demolished'. Then I have drawn the new roof and labeled it 'new element' then cropped the wall to this. when I go back to the existing plan the walls are still cropped to the new roof rather than the existing roof.

I would prefer not to have to have 2 versions of the wall, existing and proposed but this seems the only work around. Unfortunately it then shows up the whole of the external walls in the demolition drawing rather than just the bit at the top.

Any ideas on how to solve this issue would be appreciated! Or can this be noted for improvement in AC17?


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Separate but related issue, some hidden 'demolished' elements cast shadows in the elevations with planned status filters etc.

I think you have to lower the height of the existing wall, and put a separate one on top of it "to be demolished"

--Roberto Corona--
AC18 - ITA full on Win10

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