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RhinoWIP support? (Rhino for Mac v6)


I'm not sure if anyone else is having this problem, as there is not much of a Rhino related buzz either here, or at the McNeel Discourse. I'm using the RhinoWIP (on macOS 10.14) with the ARCHICAD 22 – mainly via hotlinking Rhino files, or merging them, due to the excessive slowness of the Grasshopper connection addon with larger files (see this thread: To be more precise, I would use RhinoWIP, but it's not possible, I suspect due to the fresh nature of it – it is not an official release yet. I mean I cannot merge, cannot hotlink v6 files.

I haven't tried it on the Windows side, but I guess it's not working there either – is it?

Do you guys see any possibility to implement support for it before it's released?
There are some handy new features in there (snapshots, newer Grasshopper, UVs, etc; dark... khm... mode), that makes life much easier, so saving back to Rhino5 files is a half-hearted attempt of mine to get things done in the meantime.

I guess I could speak for Rhino6 users on Windows as well, if they cannot use v6 models at the moment.

actively using: AC22-25 INT | Rhino6-7 | macOS / win10

Ok, so in the meantime I've installed v6 on Windows: the Grasshopper connection is much-much faster, than it is on macOS. Hotlinking is sadly v5 only there as well. When can we expect v6 support? Next version of ARCHICAD, or possibly in a later build?
actively using: AC22-25 INT | Rhino6-7 | macOS / win10

Daniel Kovacs

The Grasshopper Connection Tool with the latest update (build 4027.0) on ARCHICAD 22 now officially supports Rhino 6 on Windows (it should work on macOS as well, but since that is only WIP, it is not officially supported yet).

Unfortunately support for Rhino 6 file type was not implemented in ARCHICAD 22, and can only be done for the next main version (AC23). In the meantime, connecting through GH or saving back to v5 are the only known workarounds.

Daniel Alexander Kovacs

Professional Services Consultant


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Thank you for your reply!

I have issues installing the latest update (see the thread here: on macOS, so I cannot really test it at the moment.
actively using: AC22-25 INT | Rhino6-7 | macOS / win10

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