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Roof lines showing in floor plans - a bit messy?

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Been playing with the roof tools today and come across this issue that I cant seem to find away to fix.

Im working on the ground floor, and have part of my roof above on the first floor (one story above). Iv built the roof, all on the same heights, angles, thicknesses, materials, etc… then hit the “show on home (first floor) and one story down (ground floor)”.
Now when I jump back to the ground floor, it shows up as the dotted line I set under project preference, only problem is at some of the points where 2 roof planes run side by side in valleys, hips and ridges, the 2 dashed lines (one from each of the roof planes) over lap each other creating what looks like a solid line…

Iv tried to show what I mean the best I can in the attached screen shots…

Is there any way to get rid of these lines overlapping, to make it look a little tidier? Iv tried changing the line type but they all seem to be as messy as each other.

Thanks again


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Long-time AC users will know exactly what you mean without pictures, because we have been aware of the problem and lack of solutions for a long time.

Note that the placement of the dashed line segments is related to the direction the roof is drawn (ie. clockwise or anti-clockwise) but I've yet to find a project where you can get all of these to co-ordinate over the entire roof.

Usually I will draw a line or polyline representing the roof on the lower level, and adjust manually when required. I don't usually want to show all the hips and valleys across the floor plan anyway.

Maybe this will be remedied in AC13?

Barry Kelly
You will want to create a new line type that you can use with your roofs.
It will need shorter lines and wider gaps so that when they overlap the lines fill the gaps.
But the gaps can't be too wide or you will have problems in the corners where you won't see any lines.
You will never get a perfect balance.

Maybe Graphisoft should make the line gaps use a white pen instead of being transparent.
That way the line on top would mask the line below instead of allowing it to show through and filling in the gaps.


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bummer.. seems like such a simple problem that would effect every user.. would have thought it would be high priority to have it fixed... even if u could work the dashed lines on a "bring to front" dealio.. and make one of the 2 more dominant over the other. like u mentioned barry, with a white pen for inbetween the dashes

until then i guess larger spaced dashes is the best fix for now..

thanks once again

I also found this most frustrating. I'm a new user coming straight from 2D drafting and this seemed so stupid. My work around I realize takes a bit more work (a little). I just draw in the roof outlines in 2D over the roof objects in the line type I want then the roof objects themselves I exclude from the layer group I use when working on the floor plans. I have a different layer group for use in the 3D window that includes the roof objects, cladding etc. I also find you avoid selecting the roof objects by mistake when trying to pick up other items on the plan.
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