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SEO plan view

i trimmed a wall base by a sloped roof, it looks ok in 3D window, but the wall in froor plan looks not trimmed, ( like original wall before SEO application
so the floor plan presentation is wrong, any suggestions please ??
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SEO does not affect the 2D display of walls, roofs, slabs, and objects.

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If you convert the trimmed wall to a Morph you should get a better representation. You won't be able to add windows or doors though as it's not a wall any more.
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Yeah workarounds are you best bet here, I normally end up splitting the wall and changing it's display style in this instance, if you have windows or doors spanning the join then you'll have to drop in an empty window/door to cut it out of the second wall.
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You could instead use 2 empty window openings with custom corners instead of a SOE. Under the pen settings, change the visible line type to which ever is desired.

Unless the cut needs to go straight into the corner, this should produce the right effect. I don't seem to have the option to put slanted reveals on empty window openings...

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Steve Jepson
10 second or less work around (about 7 clicks) is not terrible since it is not something you need to do very often.
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Thanks all for your suggestions ! that was helpfull, i ended with creating some white hatches and dashed lines to override the walls,
but i think this issue must be listed on wishlist, it's a weak point in ArchiCAD unfortunately,
AMD Ryzen 9 3900X, 32 GB RAM, RTX 3080 10 GB

Archicad 23

Windows 10 professional

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