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Save as Favorite or separate Favorites file.

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I watched a video with Tim Ball (Archicad guru) who said (I think) that he didn't use favorites but rather, saved his favorites to a separate file. From the point of view of keeping all your favorites up to date among various files, this approach has some merit. So there appear to be two separate approaches to favorites -
1) Use the favorites folder as built into Archicad. Import and export favorites as needed to keep all working files current. Requires that you are on top of this.
2) Put all your favorites in a separate file and copy/paste from that file as needed. Obviously, this would require the favorites file to be open whenever you are doing work in another file. If you always create your favorite in the seperate file first, you never have any import/export issues.
As I new user, I would like to hear peoples opinions of these two workflows. I am kind of liking number 2.

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