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Scale Parameter for 3D Views on layout

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I need to exclude the 3D views from adding itself to my Auto-text on my title block for scale.
I have an assigned block for scale on my titleblock, so all the scales used on the layout is indicated there, but 'Reference' 3D views have odd scales at most of the times and I don't want that to to display in my scale block. How do a prevent it form adding that info to my scale block?


We have been discussing this for years, still no resolution.

Here and here and here.
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Matthew Lohden
Depending on the drawing title part you should be able to turn off or override the scale text manually. Perhaps you already know this and want an automatic function. I mention it in case you didn't.

I guess what's needed it a global parameter for the view type that is available to the title. Then it would be easy to adapt the scripts. I gather this does not exist? (Too lazy to check ATM. Besides, iron my iPad.)
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A work around I use for this is putting schedules, perspectives and other views with scales I don't want to show up on the master layout. You end up with a lot of masters, but at least you don't have to worry about the scale.
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In the Drawing Settings -> Size and Appearance 
   Uncheck: "Include Scale in Autotexting and Indexes"

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